Deep Impact podcast #11 - GEM

We are honoured to present to you our latest podcast procured by Gem - member of the top-notch polish techno collective Technosoul, DJ and successful promoter (responsible for booking in Poland, among others, The Great Detroit Trio). We have hosted Gem in December, and this podcast should help you to get the gist of this memorable gig - Gem's selection is vast and ecclectic, his technical skills supreme. Don't get misled by the peaceful intro - this one is a heavy stomper! In the same time, thanks to smart and broad sellection of older tracks, as well as those newest ones, the mix avoids banging recklessly; instead it displays an array of styles: from acid influences, through somehow vril-esque excursions and audible british touch, up to nearly noise-y stuff, it doesn't lose its momentum for a single second.